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Cozy and sporty
Over 16 years
Game night Monday 19:15 – 22:15
Location Brandevoort, Helmond
Affiliated with Helmond Badminton Association (HBB)
Shuttlecock on Racket


Shuttlecock and Badminton Racket




Welcome to the website of BC'85

BC '85 is an active badminton club for both competition players and recreational players. The association has about 50 members. We are located in Brandevoort (Helmond) and play on Monday evenings in sports hall De Veste.

Badminton can be played every Monday evening in Sporthal De Veste from 7.15 pm to 10.15 pm. During a game evening, three fields are available for playing matches and one field is used for training. Training is given to competition players and recreational players by an expert trainer. During the training, attention is paid to technique and condition.

The matches are friendly matches that the members play among themselves, by means of a suspension system. The substitution signal sounds every fifteen minutes, after which all players make room for the new matches. Everyone is free to hang out on the track as they wish and with which fellow players, but it is the intention to alternate and not to deal with this system prematurely or unsportsmanlike.

Several times a year, free internal tournaments are organized in which people can participate without obligation, for example around New Year's Eve and at the end of the season. However, for these tournaments the entire hall is used and free play is not possible.

BC'85 is affiliated with the Helmondse Badminton Association (HBB), where we participate in the competition with 2 teams. All competition matches are played centrally in the sports hall on Suytkade on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

After a game evening you can have a drink without obligation in the adjacent community center Het Brandpunt, this is entirely at your own expense.

Would you like to play along? Then you are most welcome. Drop in on a game evening and bring your sports gear, so you can participate without obligation!


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The contribution is 12 equal amounts per year. Contributions are therefore also due during holidays.


The contribution is paid monthly and amounts to

• for 16 year old € 10 per month (€ 120 per year)

• for 17 year old € 11 per month (€ 132 per year)

• from 18 years €12.50 per month (€150 per year)

• for competition players € 2.50 per month is added


The registration fee is € 22.50, which includes the first month's contribution.


The member pays his monthly contribution himself. The contribution is transferred to account number

NL06 ABNA, tnv BC'85, Helmond stating your name


Our training address

Sports hall De Veste Brandevoort
Bieslaan 27
5708 ZD Helmond


In the district: Brandevoort

The Sports Hall has the same entrance as the community center ('t Brandpunt). Upon entering, immediately turn left through the door in the central hall. Walk all the way down the corridor and you will automatically reach the sports hall.

Location Sporthal De Veste

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